The Impact Story: A Dilemma of an Early Career Researcher

  • With each of these distinct ways of approaching research, there is a way to create an impact. But, possibly, the impact is located in different areas. Also, the process or questions that guide us would differ.
  1. Do I have to choose? If so, can I choose to stay in academia while considering myself as a practitioner or a form of a boundary spanner? Why can’t I have both?
  2. To challenge the person who asks me this question, where does the boundary of academia start and the boundary of practice world end?
  3. To further challenge this question, is ‘staying in academia’ like ‘settling down’ or ‘choosing a home’? If so, in the last seven years, I had seven different cities I called ‘home’, so can I not do the same with ‘staying in academia’?




Life long learner

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Tulin Dzhengiz (Cengiz)

Tulin Dzhengiz (Cengiz)

Life long learner

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